Restore. Repair. Count On Laguna Beach Water Damage

1. Assessment

We start any water damage restoration job by assessing the total damage you just suffered and the harm water caused to your property. We use hygrometers and infra-red cameras to detect even those hidden spots touched and destroyed by water and mark all of them. This will help us a lot in isolating all water-affected areas and stop the damage from spreading and creating even more tear.

2. Loss Management

When the first stage is completed, we are able to sort your objects into completely ruined, reversible damaged and not affected by the flood. We will also have a better overview upon the damages suffered by you rugs, carpets, drywalls and furniture. For any objects that need to be removed from your property until it becomes safe again we will offer you off-site storage and help with all the moving.

3. Water Extraction

During this phase we eliminate all water and deposit in into our portable tanks. We are prepared to handle even worse case situations, like the ones when black or grey water is involved. In all cases, we do not move on to the next step until we perform a complete disaster cleaning and remove all residues, too.

4. Drying

We base the drying plan we perform on your needs and the specification of the materials and structures involved in the flood. By installing our in-place driers we are less intrusive to your location, but still able to guarantee a completely and efficient drying job. We add dehumidifiers and air blowers to them and get rid of all moisture in no time.

5. Clean-up and sanitizing

This particular step is vital for your health. During it we kill all germs and bacteria that water leaves behind and sterilize the area with our eco-friendly solutions and products, leaving it mold-free and safe.

6. Odor Removal

Water that stays in your location for several hours also leaves behind a series of unwanted odors that affect the air’s quality in your environment. We can remove them with our special sprays that increase the freshness level making you forget the disaster that happened.

Call us right away at 949-415-5676 and let us perform a complete and efficient restoration that will save most of your goods and regain the comfort and appearance of your property!