Whether it is your residence or commercial property, smoke and fire damage restoration is a meticulous process. It is a health and physical hazard to walk into a recently extinguished fire affected property.

Laguna Beach Water Damage has a decade worth experience in fire damage cleanup and we are one of the most renowned damage restoration companies in the Orange County, California. Our technicians will arrive at the damaged site within 30 minutes. We are always cross referencing our prices with the market so that we never charge you extra. We have the most advanced and cutting edge equipment available which helps us accomplish the fire damage clean up quickly.

We specialize in smoke odor removal and fire damage restoration services. We have the right certification and the experience to carefully rid your home of any generic or structural damage. Many companies will show you certifications but very few can show you the right amount of experience and hence, Laguna Beach Water Damage is the right call to make.

Fire Restoration Contractor Tips
It is extremely important for you to go through these tips if you head over to any of the numerous fire restoration companies:
➔ Do a little research about the latest certifications and licenses in the field of fire damage clean up and see if the contractor has them.
➔ Check their experience because you will be finding a lot of companies boasting their certificates and practising licenses but very few of them would have relevant experience.
➔ Ask visual proof of all the documentation that the company is boasting of.

Laguna Beach Water Damage believes in absolute transparency and satisfying the doubts of the customer. Our technicians are IICRC certified professionals with vast experience, that is why we always provide excellent consultation.

How to Do It
Any fire, even extinguished, is volatile and can cause structural damage and health hazards. This is why you should keep the following points in mind when taking matters into your own hands:
➔ Gloves and dust masks are the most basic precaution you can take before entering a recently fire extinguished area.
➔ Ventilating the entire area is necessary as the air inside is extremely dangerous to breath in.
➔ The right order of cleaning the area (residence or commercial property) is top to bottom.
➔ Clean the floor and upholstery with a strong suction vacuum cleaner
➔ Alkaline cleaning products should be used to launder clothes that are exposed to fire smell

We strongly suggest you to put your safety first and seek professional restoration services instead of trying to restore your property yourself. You will not only risk facing financial losses but also health hazards.

Fire weakens the structure of the metal and wood inside the house, warps and distorts the structure and causes long term discoloration of various things which leads to replacement. With negligence and laziness from getting professional help the cost of smoke and fire damage restoration gets higher every minute.

If you have recently suffered from a fire at your commercial property or private residence then the time to act is NOW. Call Laguna Beach Water Damage right at 949-415-5676. We offer free consultation and we work 24/7!