All water damage restoration jobs start the same: by removing all water, both standing and hidden one. We base all the following activities and procedures on the success of this first stage and therefore we treat it with maximum attention and care. No water must be left behind, due to its destructive capacities and the various pathogenic hazards it exposes you to. Bacteria and mold are likely to form if water remains under furniture or behind wet drywalls and develop into serious illnesses. In addition, failing to eliminate all water during this process means that we cannot perform a lasting and complete restoration, as certain issues may occur again.




To make sure you get a high-quality cold water extraction job pay great attention to the expertise of the people providing it and the technologies they use. At Laguna Beach Water Damage we advise you not to try and handle the problem on your own, but call for our experts instead. Thinking that you can eliminate all water using your domestic vacuum cleaner will only expose you to additional dangers like an electrical shock and will also ruin your appliance for good. Moreover, all this precious time you wasted is vital for reversing the damage caused to your belongings and structures.

When hiring us as your trusted contractor, you make sure only state-of-the-art gear is used in performing the water extraction task and that only certified experts work on it. In addition, we have developed a very non-intrusive extraction technology called “in-place” that gives us the opportunity of removing water from both carpet and pad at the same time, without the need of moving things around and creating extra mess.

When we reach your property for a cold water extraction emergency, we start by marking all areas that were in contact with water. Using our special infra-red camera we are able to detect even those hidden corners that are hard to spot, but that can be so dangerous if left unattended. For removing all standing water, we install submersible and gas-powered pumps and then finish the job with more precise instruments like:

• Light wand for the carpets
• Drag wand mid-way water extraction tool
• Water claws for carpet and pads

We consider our job finished only after we perform a detailed inspection that guarantees us that all areas are water-cleaned and ready to be restored. Please keep in mind that the duration of this process may differ according to the extent of the damage and the time passed before we are called to step in. If you dial 949-415-5676 quickly enough, we are able to isolate your affected areas and reduce the total loss you suffer.